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Initial Commit

 Hello all! This is my first post in my personal, although public, shared development as a developer. I plan to be updating my works here and writing about my experiences for those that may one day be interested. And without further ado I will share my first work as of late.  At the request of my amazingly talented sister I began creating a website for her to use as a portfolio during college. As a director/videographer she works and has worked on a great deal of films during her college career. So I got to work, first thinking of using express and a rendering framework like EJS only to realize after further discussion that a static website would work just fine as all of her content was hosted on Youtube or Vimeo. After that it became an adventure in finally using Bootstrap Studio to rig up a website. It only took a few hours once I was familiar with how to use it and I cannot recommend it enough to aspiring front-end engineers or full stack developers. And while I consider myself more